Environmental Guide & Policies

The process of Sustainable Development is a dynamic, evolving principle. Multipanel UK harness the potential of new technology and design principles whilst simultaneously protecting and enhancing the Earth’s natural life support systems.

Multipanel UK strive to be at the forefront of new manufacturing technologies, material developments and recycling possibilities in every product we design and produce. Across the world, our customers are working towards a common goal; the construction of timeless, beautiful creations without any compromise on the wellbeing of our environment and the sustainability of our ecosystems.

The last few years have seen significant growth in the building and creative industries towards providing signage and building facades that meet and exceed local and international environmental legislation.

By using methods that incorporate sustainable manufacturing processes and materials, we can, together, dramatically reduce the negative impact we have on our environment.

Environmental Policy

Multipanel UK manufacture and supply Alupanel® Aluminium Composite Panels for use in the Sign Making, Display, and Construction industries across the world. We will operate in compliance with all environmental legislation and hold all relevant certification for our products. We strive to work to best environmental practices in everything that we do, we are dedicated to the reduction of toxic emissions, and to minimising our impact on the environment by using methods that incorporate sustainable materials and by building waste reduction into design.

Policy aims:

  • To comply with all relevant regulatory requirements and environmental legislation:
  • To integrate any potential environmental impacts into our Corporate Objectives and decision making
  • To incorporate environmental impacts into our Product Development Programme
  • To encourage a culture of valuing resources
  • To increase staff awareness of Environmental Legislation and best practice
  • To give open access to our Environmental Policy and Objectives, for both Staff and Stakeholders/Customers

Recycling Policy

Aluminium is infinitely recyclable making it the material of choice for balancing the demand of a growing economy with the need to preserve the environment. Recycling aluminium requires 95% less energy, generates 95% less emissions, and creates 97% less water pollution than manufacturing primary aluminium.

The choices we make today have a major impact on the world around us. At Multipanel UK, we recognise the responsibility that comes with being an international manufacturer and supplier of various PVC and Aluminium composite materials. We are committed to taking every possible step to reduce our footprint on the environment and we ensure that all our staff and stakeholders share in these objectives

Corporate Social Responsibility


We work closely with local government to ensure we adhere to all environmental legislation in all that we do, in every geographical area that we operate in. We also follow international legislation and adhere to ISO14001.


We ensure all employees who come under the Multipanel UK umbrella share our core environmental values, from large international manufacturing issues, to reducing our carbon footprint in staff travel and commuting.


We work closely with our local communities supporting events and organisations. We also encourage staff participation in activities and try to give our time to the improvement and development of our neighbourhoods.


We strive to ensure all products we produce distinctly benefit our customers, not only with highly competitive pricing, but also by offering products that provide added value.