ALUPANEL FR – The new generation fire resistant panel

The exponential focus on minimising the risk of fire, especially in public areas like transport hubs, hospitals and schools, makes it imperative that the correct grade for fire retardant material is used. To provide the ideal solution, Multipanel UK has just launched AlupanelFR, a new fire-resistant Aluminium Composite Panel that, thanks to its revolutionary core material, offers several advantages over similar products already in the market.

Manufactured at our UK factory, AlupanelFR is a high-quality panel with a specially formulated core material, designed to offer enhanced fire resistance whilst retaining exceptional fabrication characteristics and outstanding adhesion strength. It is considerably lighter than other fire-resistant panels, making it much easier to transport, handle and install and we’re extremely excited about the qualities this new panel can offer our customers. Whilst the superb rigidity of the panel is maintained, the new core material has achieved excellent results in bending tests and this combination of strength and flexibility is great news for sign makers and other fabricators because AlupanelFR can be rolled, folded and formed really easily. It also machines exceptionally well and inflicts less wear on the cutting tools, saving the fabricator both time and money!

Made to the same high standards as the other products in the Alupanel range, AlupanelFR has a reaction to fire classification of B-s1,d0 which, importantly, has been achieved without the use of toxic halogenated fire retardants. It is suitable for an immense variety of applications, especially in environments where improved fire classification is required, for example, interior cladding and signage in public buildings like airports, hospitals and shopping centres as well as exhibition and retail construction.

You can see more details here.

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