More investment for expansion at our Dover site

Despite the difficulties presented by the COVD19 pandemic, Multipanel UK continue to take positive steps to help ensure a successful future for the company and its customers.

With increasing demand for our expanding range of products we have recently purchased an additional 4 acres of land close to our current distribution centre. On part of this land we have erected two buildings that are 70mtrs long x 18mtrs to provide additional storage capacity for finished goods and raw materials. Now complete, we will start to fill these buildings over the coming weekend (11 & 12 July 2020).

We have also introduced a second container loading ramp in this area that will enable us to increase the flow of export containers without affecting the handling of incoming raw materials. This will have a positive effect on despatch times to our customers whilst maintaining an efficient flow of raw materials for our manufacturing operation.

These additional facilities will help us to ensure we have a constant feed of materials and products in the right locations ready for dispatch at short notice, increasing our ability to react quickly and efficiently to the changing needs of our customers.