A-Lite Latex

Sharing the same excellent properties as our A-Lite products, but with a face finish designed specifically for printing with Latex inks

Why use A-Lite Latex?

  • Clean, easy-peel film
  • Achieve bright, durable prints with Latex inks
  • Less need to laminate preserves panel recycling capabilities
  • Lightweight yet rigid
  • Uniform, flat surface
  • Two Year Guarantee for indoor and outdoor use
AdhesiveCo-extruded to give superior adhesionCoreHigh quality PE coreAluminum Skin0.18mm high grade aluminum providingsuperb flatness and rigidityDigital Paint FinishMultipanel's "Signal White" is abrighter more consistent bespoke white. Both sides of A-Lite Latex panels havean Signal-white matt finish that hasbeen developed specifically for printing direct to substrate with Latexinks. Easy-Peel Protective FilmDesigned to protect the panel duringstorage, transit and installation,A-Lite Latex has a quality “EasyPeel” film for clean, easy removal,leaving no adhesive residue on thepanel.
Alupanel Aluminium Composite Panel

Full Details

Our A-Lite panels are renowned for offering superb rigidity and impact resistance together with a smooth, flat surface. Now, to satisfy the constantly changing requirements of our customers, we have developed A-Lite Latex, a high quality print panel with the same superior Polyethylene core and unique easy-peel protective film but with a newly formulated paint system designed specifically to combine with the advantages of today’s efficient and eco-friendly Latex inks.

You can now produce vibrant, color-fast, scratch-resistant prints direct to a rigid substrate and, thanks to consistent ink adhesion and the panel’s resilience to water, there is reduced need for post-print lamination, thus preserving the material’s recycling capabilities.

A-Lite Latex is also available with our revolutionary lightweight fire resistant core.

Video - A-Lite Latex ink adhesion test

For further information, you can access the product brochures and technical documents below.

White Core Tiger Lower Edge


A-Lite Latex is designed specifically for printing with water-based Latex inks.

  • Sign Making
  • Wayfinding
  • Standoff Lettering
  • Lightweight Hanging Signs
  • POS Displays
  • Vinyl Application
  • Modular Sign Systems
  • Shop/External Fascias
  • Corporate ID
  • Exhibition Design
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Interior Panels & Decoration
  • Direct UV & Screen Printing
Img 0003 Blank 1000X1000
Tumi Store Beverly Centre Usa 2 1000X1000
White Core Lower Edge 2
IMG 8846 2
24A 1000X1000
White Core 2017 06 16 14 24 38
FESPA 18 HP Print 2b


Here are the sheets sizes and thicknesses available as standard, along with other technical information for A-Lite Latex.

Panel Thickness (mm)3
Skin Thickness (mm)0.18
Weight (KG/m2)3.5
Panel Thickness (mm)3
Sound Absorption
Sound Attenuation
Water Absorption % by Volume
Thermal Performance R Values
Core CompositionLDPE
Fire Performance
Tensile Strength of Aluminium Layers
Panel Thickness (mm)+/- 0.2
Width (mm)-0 +2
Length (mm)-0 +3
Diagonal-0 +5
Thermal Expansion2.4mm/m @100ºC Temp Difference
Aluminium ThicknessAs specified in EN485-4
Paint Thickness (microns)20
Pencil Hardness2H
Toughness of Coating3T
Temperature Resistance-50ºC to +80ºC
Impact Strength (kg/CM2)
Boiling Water ResistanceBoiling for 2hrs without change
Acid ResistanceSurface immersed in 2% HC1 for 24hrs without change
Alkali ResistanceSurface immersed in NaHO engine oil for 24hrs without change
Oil ResistanceSurface immersed in 20# engine oil for 24hrs without change
Solvent ResistanceCleaned 100 times with Dimethylbenzene without change
Cleaning Resistance>1000 times without change
Peel Strength>5 Newton/mm